Vicki Fong

The Unlucky Fish : Other World


The Unlucky fish :Other World

Although its life was short, the unlucky fish has become immortalised through the communication of the story in both the physical and digital world. Two decades after the event, its story continues to be told to audiences across the world.

Through each verbal and digital iteration, the fish loses its natural form and a natural event becomes supernatural - in the digital realm, like all digital data, it inevitably goes through digital deterioration process of Bit Rot. In the physical realm, each articulation changes according to the story teller.

Each sketch, digital print, digital render is a revisiting of the unlucky fish, some perfect and some imperfect, which all contribute to a visual story told over a duration of over 10 years from 2006.

The Unlucky Fish - In 1999, As a keen follower of the principles of Feng Shui, Vicki's mother believed that having fish in the home brings good fortune to its occupants. Eager to ensure optimum luck, Vicki's mother followed the basic rules governing the required number and their carefully positioning around the house. Unfortunately, there were no available guidelines on the best breeds and it was with morbid horror that the Fongs watched one particular malevolent fish kill all it's co-habitants. It took several expensive trips to the pet store to get the formula right.