Vicki Fong

England Good Future


England Good Future - A Designed Memory

A research installation piece by David Thomas and Vicki Fong, presented at the Fashion and Textiles UEL Research Group exhibition 2016.

Contemporary design is constantly finding ways in which to “immerse” the viewer into an experience bespoke to them. In an age that we can access information freely and regularly and post and share via a variety of interfaces, is it becoming too impersonal, too virtual?

This interactive artwork explores the visual and audio representation of an event that has come to represent the integration, celebration and evolution of culture within London. We have captured moments from the 2016 Chinese New Year celebrations and produced a piece that suggests a new way of experiencing and connecting to the event through our interpretation.

We are seeing more examples of complex technology being use to simplify, dare we say it, “humanise” our user experiences. We believe that an engagement in senses is paramount to the future of design promotion and education. By involving the viewer and allowing them to shape their experience, we are creating a story/designed memory together.

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